ThinkThroughTools Helicopter 25 PercentWE DESIGN SYSTEMS TO EARN & STIMULATE FLIGHT REQUESTS; WE TEACH OUTREACH!| Now in our 18th year of operation, our Flight Request Stimulator Learning Management System, OutreachU courses and our mentoring services are Continuous Impact Learning platforms teaching Critical Medical Aviation providers how to earn and stimulate flight requests with integrity, competency and innovation.

All learning efforts are propelled by the utmost focus on setting up customers for success while safely and proficiently caring for the patients with whom our clients are entrusted. 

Our Mission Statement—one word: ASTONISH. Astonish is defined as: to fill with wonder and amazement.

COMING IN 2019; Certified Outreach Practitioner ™ place-based and on-line courses and credentialing.

Based on18 years’ experience in Critical Medical Aviation and 39 years in critical healthcare Outreach – we will be offering our OutreachU ™ training and know-how to healthcare professionals of all kinds. This will include our Certified Outreach Practitioner ™ credential.

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