What is Your “BET THE FARM” Differentiating Outreach Asset

How many times have you heard of astonishing success stories – where gutsy individuals – with smarts, courage and conviction – who believed so strongly in their plan – despite overwhelming cynicism of others – that they BET THE FARM to achieve their goal? It begs the question – for what would you BET THE FARM? What is your Outreach differentiating asset? How do you Outreach better than anybody in the world or at least better than anybody in your market space?


You’re competing – there are all kinds of direct and indirect competitors out there seeking the attention, commitment, loyalty and cash you desire from customers. So what is it for which you are willing to COMMIT ALL and BET THE FARM! 

If you are lacking in at least one Outreach differentiating asset (unique attribute or capability of high worth) then it’s time to think through what it is you are going to do to design – create – or acquire it. The world is filled with boring Outreach copy cats; services and products that only incrementally may be improvements over others. How do you BREAK AWAY? You have to or you are already doomed – I hope you realize this now. It’s not too late.


What can you do? Here’s one thing that has helped me. I am going to strongly recommend learning all you can about Elon Musk. In this modern era – few if any individuals have BET THE FARM like he has and – he continues day in and day out. Frankly his aspirations and accomplishments can be intimidating – yet they are vastly inspiring.

You may not aspire to get Humans to Mars or transform the auto industry or crave to get most of humanity utilizing solar power – but – you must do something to profoundly differentiate your Outreach and – you must be willing to BET THE FARM like Elon if you will have profound and enduring impact.

Now – today – decide and document  – on what Outreach differentiating asset you will BET THE FARM! Yes, write it down and post it up where you will see it often. Heck  – perhaps get it tattooed in a conspicuous location. Do it and get out there and Outreach to achieve high impact while helping your customers to succeed.



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