SpaceX, Space Age Stilettos & Outreach; Yes, They Have Something in Common



I have no idea what professional females in Outreach encounter as they walk many miles in high heels or stilettos. But I am sure that it’s not easy and often painful. So what does an Outreacher do? Well, I can share this answer and also share some exciting news about a fast-minded and fast-footed entrepreneur that is accomplishing much—both for those who have been enduring painful shoes and those who engage in Outreach.

Dolly Singh is a renown professional who has devoted much of her career to talent recruitment. She has earned her high-regarded reputation growing leading edge companies in the USA. I learned about Dolly while reading the book,  Elon Musk; Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance (see ISBN below.)

Since retention and recruitment of talent are core functions of Outreach – I launched on a search to learn more about Dolly and her techniques. At I reviewed,  in sheer awe, Dolly’s accomplishments. But what really struck me was how often she used the term Outreach. Here are a couple examples:

For SpaceX she, “Developed and implemented world class recruitment platform including all programs and strategies for Full-Life Cycle Talent Acquisition, Sourcing, Diversity, Outreach/Employment Branding, Leadership Recruiting, and University and Talent Programs.

For Oculus VR she, “Provided recommendations for Oculus outreach for 2015 and beyond; allowing Oculus to maximize efficiencies from the larger Facebook outreach organization, while retaining the unique appeal of the Oculus brand.

“Organized and executed 40+ brand outreach events at top Universities, leading industry conferences, and Hackathons. ”

Just a few of many examples. Dolly made my day because here—clearly—is a state-of-the art professional working with technology leaders and Outreach is prominent in her toolset.

Well, it’s going to continue, organizations of all kinds—boring and stimulating—still require Outreach; The process of helping customers succeed by reaching out to communicate, educate, validate and inspire.

Now as for the solving the Stiletto induced sore feet problem. Dolly has launched her company Thesis Couture.

She’s on a mission that is noble and, I am sure too, she is utilizing Outreach in novel and effective ways.

Thanks Dolly for your many career commitments that have had positive impact and for leading the effort for less impact on Outreaching feet.

  • ISBN 978-0-06-230123-9 for Elon Musk; Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future


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