Outreach: Cleveland Museum of Art is Getting It Right

I am always¬†enthused when I find examples of organizations getting Outreach right. And I am excited to share with you an article recently published in Crain’s Cleveland Business.

Photo by Rob Muller

Crain’s Cleveland Business and Cleveland Museum of Art Getting Outreach Right

ThinkThroughTools defines Outreach as: The process of helping customers succeed by reaching out to Communicate, Educate, Validate and Inspire. In the case of the Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA) customers represent a wide range – as – their mission states, “To serve all people.” That is why what they are doing is so impressive. Of course the museum needs to remain financially viable over time – and just like so many other organizations they have loyal “customers” which they must astonish and sustain – but they need to be Outreaching to draw in new ones.

Events are crucial in this. And – in many ways they are applying elements of our EVERlasting Model which emphasizes that all Outreach events must factor astonishing Education, Eats, Validation, Emotion, Recognition and Resonation (be lasting far beyond the event.) When you read this article you’ll see that They are really getting it right.

Having been to the Cleveland Museum of Art more times than I can count I am truly impressed at how they are leading in how they are Outreaching.

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