Our Services

ThinkThroughTools Helicopter 25 PercentFor more than 18-years we have served clients throughout the USA ranging from the world’s largest air medical transport company and top tier international and national medical technology companies to leading university healthcare systems to small- and medium-sized organizations.

We can provide you with a Continuous Impact Learning System™, on-site and digital training programs and Custom-Configured salesforce CRM software to amplify the impact of your Flight Request Stimulation, Outreach, and Customer Focus initiatives.


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Our primary services include:

  • Our NEW Flight Request Stimulator™ Learning Management System for Critical Medical Aviation providers
  • salesforce platform (CRM) Custom-Configuration for Flight Request Stimulator  Program
  • Flight Request Stimulator PRACTITIONER™ Training & Credentialing for Professionals Operating in the Field
  • OutreachU CREW™ Training and Credentialing for Critical Medical Aviation & Critical Care Ground Transport Crewmembers
  • Flight Request Stimulator Operating System™ | Program Assessment, Design, Implementation & Management Services
  • InnovationDRUM™; Driving the Beat of  Innovation (Continuous Impact Learning Programs)

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