What is Your “BET THE FARM” Differentiating Outreach Asset

How many times have you heard of astonishing success stories - where gutsy individuals - with smarts, courage and conviction - who believed so strongly in their plan - despite overwhelming cynicism of others - that they BET THE FARM to achieve their goal? It begs the question - for what would you BET THE FARM? What is your Outreach differentiating asset? How do you Outreach … [Read more...]

SpaceX, Space Age Stilettos & Outreach; Yes, They Have Something in Common

  I have no idea what professional females in Outreach encounter as they walk many miles in high heels or stilettos. But I am sure that it's not easy and often painful. So what does an Outreacher do? Well, I can share this answer and also share some exciting news about a fast-minded and fast-footed entrepreneur that is accomplishing much—both for those who have been … [Read more...]

What is Outreach – It’s CEVI™

Outreach - we hear the term all the time. On the news how an organization has launched an Outreach initiative. Or - in a blog post how a company is Outreaching to their local community. Surely we are often sent information via traditional mail about healthcare Outreach events we "must attend." But - what is Outreach? How do you define it? Is there a formal definition that … [Read more...]

So You Want to Experience Outreach? Experience Rodney Mullin

In the most recent WIRED magazine, I was introduced to Rodney Mullin. After watching three of his videos while on the treadmill, I realized this guy is brilliant at Outreach and for so many reasons. All I ask is that you watch his TedXUSC talk. Then communicate back to us what you believe he is doing and why it works for you (or for some – why it may not.) For me, this guy … [Read more...]

Not Your “Old School” Organizational Chart

In 1990,  while in Graduate School at Baldwin-Wallace College, our professor gave us an assignment to create a unique Organizational Chart. As one would expect – the critical mass of students used boxes and linear connections – some favoring vertical (traditional) – some more horizontal (the innovators at the time – keep in mind 1990.) I had a different interpretation of the … [Read more...]